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April 07, 2005



Good post. When pushed to the edge, I feel much the same way. I'm trying to develop ways to remind people before I lose patience.


Agreed, all around. Patience is indeed good, and can help one achieve much over time. I see too many kids growing up today with none of it, and fear what they'll grow up into.

But as I've myself been recently re-realizing, patience does have to have its limits, else the mind and soul begin to weather and waste, and *that* extreme is simply not acceptable.

Defining those limits and protecting oneself against them seems to be the elusive trick. And in most fiefdom-driven business environments, these days, this is sadly a very important trick.

In the meantime, persistance is indeed the spine of patience. And a spineless patience is little more than acquiescence.

Susan Mernit

hang in there--and keep being persistant.

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