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March 08, 2005




Ask yourself:

What am I working for?
What are my personal goals?
Is work a means to achieve my goals?
Does work make me happy?

Ultimately, work is work and that is it. Who cares about who gets what promotion--I deal with this all day long ( we are at the same place). I am working to make sure my family has food, home, education and that I can affford my passion... riding, fathering, writing. Work funds my life, not fuels my life.

I also see utter mornons get promoted (morons who should be fired for being stupid). But no....and I dont care--because I am me, not a stupid moron who people scratch there heads over why and how he got where he is.

Be happy.



Some people also work for self-fulfillment, to feel like one is accomplishing something, contributing something, creating something. To such people, a work environment that seems to ignore its producing members while rewarding its morons, that seems unwilling to clean up its own efficacy-bleeding personnel problems by ejecting the morons, can make such a sense fulfillment rather difficult to reach.

But then, they're not *all* morons. And some of us stubbornly persistant members do occasionally break through the ranks of the morons. But that takes time, and patience, and some thick moron-resistant skin.

In the meantime, we do get to go home between workdays, escape the morons (well, *those* morons, at least) for a time, and live that other part of our lives. You know. The life part.

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