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January 03, 2005



Driving is a fab exercise to test your "control" ability/necessity. To be on top of it and able to let go. I remember driving high speed in the crazy, rush hour traffic in Rome just to test my alertness (and, of course, for the heck of it!). The adrenaline feeling that always come with living danger. The even more powerful feeling of knowing that there was one only instant in between, in control and out of control.
When my brakes gave up in a windy tunnel at 75 mph, and I found myself perfectly calm to instinctively make the decision which saved my life, I decided I'll try to live the rest of it often swinging from "in control" to "out of control". I never regretted the decision. Living becomes like dreaming. No matter how much intent and goals and lists you set for yourself, you still get stalked by the unknown and unpredictable, and happily go with. How beautiful!


Yeah, sometimes called being in dreaming - so then the q. becomes whether the direction is a dream you'd like to live, and is it lucid?

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