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December 11, 2004



Part of balance is unbalance-- the yin and the yang.

What you said makes sense, and it's something I'm trying to work out myself. I think the closer I get to someone, the more the flaws affect me.


That's interesting. The closer I get to someone, the more the flaws affect me. I'm going to pay attention and see. I have observed that the more energy I have, the less the flaws and judgements matter.

Dang Old Prospector

It's wonderful to see who someone is, nonetheless it's behaviors we get to deal with on a daily basis. As you say, the "flaws" need have no effect on me, they do not affect me; it's also interesting to see how "flaws" are not flaws at all but an integral part of who these people are; those parts may be endearing, or as Laurie Anderson sang in the last century, "I no longer love the way you hold your pens and pencils." The difference is indeed in how much energy is brought, and with it a small measure of patience. Someone whom I know says she's a bitch sometimes, but when I ask her in what situations and she describes the situations, it sounds as though being a bitch is the correct response, given that her opinions will be held of no account or possibly not even able to be understood; in such situations, if they have to continue, oblique response is all that remains: sarcasm, or bitchiness. The flaw then might be the situation and having created it, for needs that no longer exist, and the time between making a decision and the moment when its implementation is due.


the only obsticals are the ones you yourself have created. and you can just as easily remove the obsticals.

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