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February 25, 2004



These are good things to think about. I've always been an advocate of integrating living and working, and the only way you can do that is to work at something you enjoy. We spend at least a third of our adult lives "at work", shouldn't that be reason enough to find something that is fulfilling? I think it is. For me, I would rather chop wood and carry water, than to be stuck in a cube farm doing empty work, for an empty company--no matter how much it paid. But that's just me. My wife doesn't agree.


P.S. You might enjoy the book by Po Bronson: "What Should I Do With My Life".

Foozleface J McGraw

Hmm. I like the theory of "do what you love" but my expierence is that I did that, and turned something that I love into something that I could, quite frankly, do without. Now I've got a new something that I love, and every time I talk to someone in the profession, they say, "Keep it a hobby so you can still enjoy it!" Doing something for money is vastly different than doing it for yourself. Sadly.

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