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November 18, 2013


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FCK BUSSES that Santa has to pay for. Can someone step up and make an all public transit/walking con. The busses to west hollywood a few years ago were LAME!


Can someone please explain the price differences? I don't see any info on what each sleigh pass gives you access to.


The price differences are just based on how early you purchase a ticket. Besides that they are identical.

Also, yes fuck buses. They were truly a clusterfuck of an experience the last time they were tried.


indeed, I'm all for just riding the metro. it is far easier and you can still step foot in many locations. But I also ask, do you know when the event page on Facebook will be created?


What is a Greatest Hits theme??????

Kate Stewart

Agreed that the busses suck! Metro is the only way to go!! You've got to hear this year after year - why do you keep getting them??!!


I do not remember ever needing to buy a "Sleigh Pass" is this required for this year or just an option to ride instead of walk?

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