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November 21, 2009


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Only douche bags charge admission to a free event.
Santacon is a free event that was developed by the Cacophony Society years ago. It is Has always been free. If you want to create an event that costs money, please use another name.
Don't charge a fee for an idea that you did not come up with on your own.

Matt Cornell

If Santacon is a "response to the consumer-culture of Amerika's Holiday season," why did we spend most of our time in the predominantly working class, Latino environs of East LA and the downtown transit system? Wouldn't we have made a greater impact by hitting places like the Grove, Hollywood & Highland, The Beverly Center and Rodeo Drive? That's where you find lots of people spending obscene amounts of money for Christmas gifts. Instead, we were pranking in the turf of the have-nots. I think we were seen by more homeless people than Visa Gold card carriers.

I know that the rain posed challenges, but this seemed like an insular Burning Man bar crawl, not an event which engaged with or confronted the consumer culture of Los Angeles. I felt like we were simply drunk gringos goofing around in someone else's neighborhood. We didn't interfere with anyone's consumerism, unless you count slowing down the kitchen at a family Mexican restaurant.

Why not take a plunge into the center of commerce next year, instead of tiptoeing around the soon-to-be-gentrified (by us)'hoods to our east? Yes, I know that Hollywood & Highland & The Grove have Gestapo-like rentacops. But hell, I'm not afraid of a Taser. That shit don't work through a Santa suit. Who's with me?

the reverend dak


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