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October 19, 2004


Greg White

Yeah, that is pretty great. They want $12.99 for two tracks? What are they thinking?


I'm not sure if I'd characterize it as the most beautiful song ever (I have too many favourites), but it does rock. I wished I'd gone to burning man this past year. I think the song, like so many others in that venue, takes on a new lifeform.

Enjoyed your site.

a bientot



Hey Heather,
I agree with you about "Praise a Wicked Game", and ask you, if you ever buy
it or discover how to find it, please tell me!!!
You would make a boy very happy!
Take care!


Hi there,

any news on the "praise a wicked game" song? I still can't find an mp3 copy anywhere. Thought you might have heard something since the last post.
thanks in advance.



I first heard this song in the chillout room at Ripsnorter,a big club night in Bristol,UK where it blew me out of the room! If you look up the Fraser Manning website, I see that the whole song features at the end of one of his downloads. If you find a better version elsewhere then let me know.Enjoy clubbing! Perce.


The song is at the end of the Fraser Manning album called 'Respect the Bootleg'. It can be downloaded from various sites although the one I used only moments ago was http://www.djbolivia.ca/downloads.html
I hope it brings back happy memories.Perce.


Hi Heather, check out this link. A full 7 minutes 55 seconds of 'Praise a Wicked Game'! Outstanding. Can't download it from iTunes though as it is a Bootleg. Cheerio, Perce.


yeah thats great. its another bootleg from ncska!


The music is not by Fraser Manning. He told me that he just included it in one of his albums. No one really knows who did it in the first place... Cheers


Yeah, I still love this song. I'd say it's probably the first mash-up I heard. I wish I could thank the person who mashed this up. It was such a beautiful moment.

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